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Steering & Suspension

Steering Systems, Alignments, and Shocks & Struts

Steering & Suspension Repair Orangeburg

The suspension system in your vehicle is made up of springs, shock absorbers, struts, control arms, bushings, ball joints, and other components. These parts are subjected to some pretty harsh punishment and should be inspected regularly. The function of your suspension is mainly to keep the tires in contact with the road to maintain handling and stability. If it is not functioning properly due to worn parts, you may wear out your tires prematurely and quite possibly compromise your safety. The steering system consists of a steering gear, tie rod ends, idler arms, ball joints, power steering pump, hoses, and other components. Some vehicles even have computer assisted power steering. The steering system is primarily for pointing the wheels in the direction you want your vehicle to go, but it also keeps the wheels in alignment. Again, worn parts or improperly aligned steering components can cause tire wear or diminished steering performance. We recommend having your steering and suspension components inspected regularly to avoid premature tire wear and safety related concerns.

Shocks and struts are one of the critical components that control your vehicle's steering, stopping and stability. As they begin to wear, they lose their ability to control lean or sway and provide tire grip or adhesion when encountering bumps. A shock absorber's firmness or control affects the rate of weight transfer from one side to another in a turn. Worn out shock absorbers don't allow for proper weight transfer and will not prevent the tires from slipping or sliding instead of gripping the road surface. A loss of stability and vehicle control can compromise your vehicle's safety and the safety of the passengers who ride with you. It is important for drivers to understand that shocks and struts play a critical role in their vehicle's safety.


Properly functioning shocks and struts will:

  • Keep your tires on the road
  • Give the vehicle a comfortable ride
  • Help maintain alignment
  • Stabilize the vehicle
  • Prolong the life of other parts of the suspension

When a shock or strut is not operating properly, you may notice several warning signs:

  • Your car will continue to rock back and forth after hitting a bump
  • Your cars ride will begin to feel bouncy or mushy
  • Car nose dives with hard braking
  • Excessive fluid leakage
  • Broken or worn bushings
  • Unusual tire wear

Because these changes occur gradually over time, they may be difficult to notice. Murphy's can inspect your shocks and struts anytime to make sure these important steering and suspension systems are functioning properly.


Vehicle Alignments

Tire Alignment & Wheel Alignment

Alignments are probably one of the most important, yet least understood areas of automotive service. Improper wheel alignment can definitely cause handling and drivability problems, but it is often related to other issues. Vehicle owners typically ask for an alignment when their car is vibrating, pulling, wandering, etc. While this can be caused by your vehicle being out of alignment, more often than not it is another underlying problem causing your symptom. A bad tire or worn suspension or steering components are more likely the cause. When your vehicle exhibits any of these symptoms we suggest a thorough inspection of your vehicle to diagnose the cause of your symptom. By diagnosing your problem first we can save you money by repairing only what is needed to get your vehicle driving like new again. If your vehicle does need an alignment, rest assured we can handle that for you!